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Elevating brand reputation globally while empowering local markets

How has Rabobank built brand presence globally while establishing localised customer loyalty?

While rapidly evolving markets have seen Martech stacks being heavily scrutinised, maintaining global brand consistency while catering to diverse audiences remains paramount in demonstrating value to customers. 

Discover how Rabobank, a multinational cooperative bank, tackled this challenge head-on – empowering teams to achieve remarkable results, while growing at scale.

Key highlights include:

  • Insights into Rabobank’s brand management journey
  • Challenges faced in maintaining brand identity across 43,000 global employees
  • Real-world examples of streamlined asset production and campaign execution
  • Monitoring brand metrics and proving ROI

Get inspired by Rabobank’s success story and learn practical strategies to safeguard your brand’s reputation while driving efficient campaign execution.


  • Roel Smit, Product Owner Brand Portal, Rabobank
  • Justin Driver, Brand Management Specialist, Papirfly

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