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Anyone can make a marketing communications strategy look effective on paper. In the real world however, the best-laid plans can quickly fall apart if you are unable to keep on top of your content production burden.

The ability to roll out assets in a timely and efficient way can be a very real logistical issue for any marketing communications team, with a third of CMOs citing content creation as their most significant challenge.

If the issue is already a live one within your business, or if it feels as if your team is about to reach beyond its comfort limits in terms of capacity, then this guide is for you.

We explain how organisations can tackle these issues through optimised workflows, through the introduction of tools and processes to ensure brand consistency – and through enabling a self-service culture of brand asset creation and activation. We also outline how brands can obtain a better view of the content production process – including keeping tabs on whether your assets are being put to use in the best possible way.