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Bringing Thon Hotels’ global team and brand together

Managing a global brand with digital asset management and online templates

Greater capacity, greater consistency

When halfway solutions couldn’t achieve the quality and consistency of branding that Thon Hotels wanted, Papirfly made managing their global brand simple, structured and intuitive.

With 70 hotels across multiple countries, being able to give all staff the capacity to create high-quality, on-brand assets was an incredible feat for the marketing team. Now, whether it’s receptionists designing posters or restaurant managers crafting menus, everyone has a better understanding of the brand and the ability to keep it consistent across their range of materials.

thon hotels

“All the team feel empowered now as they are doing things that were not possible before Papirfly.”

Pernilla Eidslott
Marketing Advisor, Thon Hotels

About Thon Hotels

Thon Hotels is part of the Olav Thon Group and has hotels in Norway, Sweden, Brussels, and Rotterdam. Offering a warm atmosphere, run by knowledgeable staff a high standard of service is guaranteed.

Thon Hotels was founded under the name Rainbow Hotels in 1989. Today the hotel chain encompasses more than 80 hotels in Norway, Brussels, Rotterdam and Sweden.

With passionate commitment, professional hospitality and ‘the power to please’, these values help Thon Hotels continue to build a positive corporate culture and a strong brand.

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