Super signage, made by you.

Complicated made easy.

It’s now super simple to create, update, publish and edit on-brand content to any permitted web-connected monitor in the world.

Produce and publish content to single or multiple monitors in just a few simple steps.

Bespoke, intelligent templates enable you to upload images, videos, text, choose specific transitions and more, always ensuring brand compliance.

No need for specialist support. Control is all yours.

Change the way you control and deliver your brand.

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Your signage, fast.

Papirfly works hard so you don’t have to.  Watch our film, discover more about digital signage and how it makes monitor communications more efficient than ever.


Putting you in control.

Use the digital signage module to publish content anywhere in the world.

It’s perfectly designed to help you deliver content, including text, images, animation, voice overs, music and video.

Choose different messages per location, using any language.

  • Produce content in any language for any permitted monitor, anywhere in the world.
  • Save on duplicated time and effort, work smarter and faster.
  • Reduce reliance on expensive agencies and internal production departments.
  • Ensure brand consistency, benefit from in-built compliance tools.


Empowered marketing teams.

Rather than rely on specialists, marketing departments can create their own digital signage communications, in a few simple steps.

There is no compromise on quality or style.

Papirfly’s simple interface makes it incredibly easy to set times, drag and drop images, update content and publish anywhere, any time.

Efficient, effective.

The digital signage module includes standard templates that can be automatically applied to new and existing content, creating inherent efficiencies.

In-built workflow management tools manage the lifecycle from creation to approval, revision to publication and archive to deletion.

Speed to market.

No more waiting.

Create digital signage without specialist support.

Update one or more monitors in a few simple steps.

Empower your marketing team, give them control.

Security, Innovation.

Proven, secure technology.

We take care of all system updates, back-ups and security.

Innovation - we invest heavily in research and development.

We ensure you have the best tools to stay ahead and manage your marketing your way, simply and easily.