Unleash your brand where it counts

With the LinkedIn Connector users can activate approved templates to create social media assets – posting directly to their personal or company profile at the click of a button.

Improve employee engagement and advocacy

Encourage users to post on their LinkedIn profile by streamlining the posting process. Employees can feel more engaged and supported in posting with on-brand templates.

Use assets that stand out from the crowd and help your employees’ posts gain better recognition – improving brand awareness.

Maintain brand presence with diverse content

Capitalise on the flexibility of your templates to make diverse, on-brand assets that maintain engagement whilst saving time on setting up each post.

Guarantee the correct asset size is being used by using your dedicated LinkedIn templates, then simply decide on a single or carousel post and visibility level.

Posting through the connector still ensures all performance metrics can be captured and reported on.

Connectors are available to all major social media platforms.

Increase job ad agility to recruit talent faster

Are your users regularly posting job ads on LinkedIn and suffering with the monotonous task of creating assets, downloading assets and uploading assets on repeat?

The LinkedIn Connector ensures on-brand, consistent job ads are being posted quickly, removing the tedious steps so that your teams can focus on recruiting the best talent.

Small effort, big impact

Once enabled, users will see an action button for LinkedIn once they have created their asset. Simply add the post copy, confirm visibility level and click “Upload”.

This will upload the assets and create the LinkedIn post. It is even possible to create a unique post for several assets and post simultaneously.

Seamlessly connect your LinkedIn profiles

Whether you manage a professional profile for your company, or use your personal profile, activating the LinkedIn Connector will ensure all assets posted are created according to your brand guidelines and posted direct to the platform. Your brand is protected whilst saving you valuable time.

Ready to streamline your on-brand LinkedIn posts?