How to build brand equity

Establishing a strong brand identity, creating a consistent customer experience, and maintaining deep emotional connections over time, give you long-term competitive advantage.

What is brand equity?

The most successful brands don’t always have the best products. Their success is often determined by their brand equity – the value added to the product by its branding. 

Measuring brand equity can include revenue, profit, loss and sales. Yet such results come from brand loyalty – perceptions, feelings and reputation informing customer satisfaction.

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Why does considering customer loyalty matter?

Keller’s brand equity model

Any brand strategy must focus on building brand equity

Your competitive advantage awaits

Winning hearts and minds is the goal. Whether B2B or B2C, building and maintaining a well-known and highly regarded brand is challenging when your customers’ behaviours are ever-changing. 

Your own people must live and breathe your brand every day, in order to hit your target audience with 100% consistency. With Papirfly’s brand management platform, empower teams to execute the perfect multichannel customer experience.

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Discover a better way to build brand equity

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