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Your people need and deserve the simplest end-to-end user experience to help grow your business and deliver every aspect of the brand they love to work for — and now they have it.

“Our customers are at the heart of the product”

Hear from our Product team about what you can expect from the Papirfly Platform as we improve the way we support organisations to unleash their brand with confidence amidst an increasingly challenging landscape.

Transform how you navigate your brand portal

Discover an intuitive user experience with your new toolbar, allowing for seamless navigation across your product suite. Take a look around in the video below.

Our suite of enterprise-grade products

A brand management platform that offers one user interface across multiple, vital brand management solutions – allowing you to centralise your brand management efforts, reduce complexity and enhance cost efficiency.


Welcome to your new brand hub. Point unites every employee on how to drive and deliver every aspect of your brand through clear guidelines, official assets, core values, and more from one online access point. Go local with unique hubs with local languages and nuances.



Previously known as DAM, welcome to Place. The next generation of Digital Asset Management, Place provides access to all users to utilise pre-approved and fully compliant assets for their specific needs. Ensure every location has assets that serve their unique audience.


Say hello to the next generation of Template Studio. Produce is a brand new product for Papirfly that empowers every team to activate your brand everywhere using design templates aligned to your brand guidelines – in-house with no design experience required.


Another new product for Papirfly that will take your Planner and Campaign Manager to the next level. Simplify campaign execution for teams everywhere with Plan. Display status, budgets, contacts, and official design templates for specific campaigns and activities – ensuring every local team utilises workflows that drive campaign agility.


Taking reporting to the next level. Welcome to Prove. Ensure local sites get feedback on best-performing content across the business, and give them data to let them know when their efforts are driving brand strategy success. Available as standard from November 1, with Prove Premium coming soon.

Your existing tools

Can’t find your applications? Fear not. You still have access to all of your existing products. We have collated all remaining Papirfly solutions under the Other button in the toolbar. Marketing Shop, Video Editor, Unit Manager, Reporting and Template Studio are still ready and waiting to help you unleash your brand.

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