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  • Equip your talent with tools to deliver a consistent brand experience
  • Do more for less and create value with every asset produced
  • Gain control, grow globally and maintain localised customer

Our Solutions work for:

Creating the ultimate marketing one-stop-shop

With BrandMaster platform, Helly Hansen established an online brand management solution, created for all stakeholders; marketing team, employees, branded stores, resellers and local offices.

The key to success is to always be ahead of the seasonal campaigns running 4x a year. Simultaneously, keeping track of and securing expirations and validity of all collections and assets are demanding.
Combining operations to fulfil the needs of photographers, creative agencies and marketing teams led Helly Hansen to create a one-stop-shop with brand guidelines, digital asset management and online templates.
From one single platform – Tight deadlines are met with ease, localization of marketing collaterals is handled with automated workflows and brand efforts are aligned worldwide.