Bringing a creative brand to consumers with consistency

For Kygo Life, the lifestyle brand needed to establish a firm foundation for its brand to grow as big as its founder.

Kygo Life prioritises responsive reseller support

Kygo is a global music superstar, with an established brand in Kygo Life that is growing along with its founder’s popularity. With apparel and audio products requiring complete consistency in branding for resellers all over Europe and USA, making the brand available across time zones in one central point of universal truth was a key priority.

With product competition at every turn, becoming the preferred choice with consumers is what every brand wants. The high quality of the product is not enough, and making things as easy as possible for resellers and consumers alike, means being able to deliver excellent product support with fast response times a neccessity

“To be preferred as a supplier and succeed with our promotions and sales, we need to provide our resellers with necessary product information and images 24/7.

With the help of Papirfly, we have created a seamless portal adapted to fit with our organisational and reseller needs.”

Aurora Ellingsen
Communication Project Manager
Kygo Life

On-brand alignment via a self-service platform

Seeking a solution which established a single platform for all their resellers, Kygo Life was taking its future into its own hands – saying goodbye to email and support requests as resellers could access product and brand information at any time.

They wanted a platform that met their needs by being able to handle all types of file formats, have an intuitive user-flow, and use single sign-on. The marketing team at Kygo Life also focused on investing in a platform that could easily reflect the brand, whilst also giving room to expand along with their needs as a brand and team.

By collecting everything in a platform, open 24/7, retailers have access to necessary documentation and images without depending on e-mails and response time. With Papirfly’s brand management platform, Kygo Life also laid the groundwork for campaign management, storing of more material, PR, product tests and reviews for resellers to utilise – setting themselves up well for future growth opportunities.

Smooth sharing

Unified communication

Increased efficiency

Preferred supplier

Creating on-brand clarity
from one online home

Educate & Control

The Kygo Life Brand Center is for an always-accessible site, which internal employees and external resellers, partners and agencies can access using single sign-on.

With a polished designed to perfectly reflect the clean look and tone of voice of the Kygo Life brand, the Brand Centre is intuitive and user-friendly for everyone – both back- and front-end.

Papirfly’s Educate & Control solution is one point of absolute truth – where the brand can truly be unleashed with Digital Asset Management ready to unleash Kygo Life’s potential.

Manage & Share

Succeeding with sales and promotions requires Kygo Life to ensure 100% availability of images and product documentation through Digitial Asset Management (DAM).

With key assets, essential for promoting the products in digital, print and multiple online channels – meeting customers exactly where they are spending their time – Kygo Life’s marketing team can easily collect, structure and share their assets to any reseller for instore or online use.

Their DAM system includes images for download to resellers web shops, store promotions, offers, specification sheets, reviews and more. Always updated and available for download.

About Kygo Life

Kygo Life was created out of Kygo’s personal enthusiasm to offer superior music experiences to everyone – regardless of people’s music taste. Therefore, products are designed to produce exceptional sound and to fit each person perfectly.

Kygo is proud to be Norwegian and Kygo Life reflects that. All products embody the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design and are developed in Scandinavia by a talented and innovative design team – fusing stylish design with lasting comfort.

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