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How Template Studio keeps your brand consistent

There are many factors that have an impact on your company’s success. Branding is one of them. Your brand is your company’s identity, it’s what separates you from your competitors and helps you stand out from the crowd. That is… If you have managed to establish a strong and memorable brand.

The question is, how do you get there? First and foremost, you need to establish brand consistency. Easier said than done when less than 10% of B2B companies state that they are consistent across all marketing channels… Obviously, brand consistency does not happen by chance!

That’s why you need a proper platform to help you out. With Template Studio, you get a self-serviced approach to keep your design on-brand at all times.

The marketing tool that secures brand consistency

Branding is a task the entire company must embrace; every employee and department needs to understand and know how to communicate and use your brand. To simplify it, without uniform brand management you risk incorrect brand communication and brand dilution. And you don’t have to be Einstein to realize that this will damage your brand value.

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Template Studio saves your life and your brand

As a marketer, you probably have a long list of requests in your mailbox for brand asset changes. Whether it is a format change, file type request, translation changes, contact changes, image change or other localization adjustments, it is a task you must respond to. 

Unless you have Template Studio. This tool allows marketers to create the perfect creative template suite for the entire company, completely self-serviced and always on-brand.

How Template Studio secures brand consistency

If you have the resources and capacity to respond to all the asset changes on-time you are a star. If you don’t have the time, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. The digital marketing space puts strains on marketing departments all over; being present in a range of different platforms that demands attention and continuous nurturing makes it hard to keep up. In 2020, Martech found 8000 digital tools available. How many of these 8000 do you have to present your brand in: Websites, social media, advertising tools, email communication, sales tools and more?

Template Studio takes it down a notch and allows you to achieve brand consistency through a few simple steps:

  • You control your brand from one single source and your designs are always professional looking and updated.
  • The template technology makes sure your designs stay the same regardless of the creator. Responsive technology and content control always keep you in control of your brand image.
  • The online editor accepts a wide range of templates to be created. This secures a unified brand look across numerous platforms and channels.

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Valuable template capabilities you should be aware of:

  • Template Studio transforms standard Adobe Indesign or Illustrator files into digital brand templates.
  • The technology is easy to use, and anyone can be a designer without any software know-how or design skills.
  • Brand assets are always updated and on-brand when digitalized. When you make changes to your designs or have new brand assets, just publish new digital templates to the studio and voila. Or update your existing ones.
  • The studio provides flexible brand control as you decide what can and can’t be changed. Each template can be modified to suit your company as well as the creator’s needs to ensure your designs are always on-brand.
  • File output is carefully controlled and allows you to prepare your files for multiple channels and platforms. One template = multiple formats.

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Template Studio keeps your brand management balanced

Apart from keeping your brand consistent, Template Studio also provides other benefits. When you establish self-serviced branding templates you no longer need to worry about your mailbox be stuffed with ad-hoc design requests. Neither do you have to worry about frustrated colleagues taking matters into their own hands and designing something without respecting your brand guidelines. Nor do you have to spend money on simple design tasks that require the help of a creative agency.

Instead, you can work peacefully with your strategic and long-term initiatives necessary to establish a strong and reliable brand that keeps your current customers loyal and future customers will desire your brand.

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