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Papirfly unveils seamless integration with Ungapped

In an exciting development for marketing and brand professionals, Papirfly, the renowned brand management platform, has announced an integration with Ungapped, the user-friendly communication platform equipped with a variety of marketing tools.

 This collaboration promises to streamline brand consistency and enhance user experiences for both Papirfly and Ungapped users.

A hub for marketing excellence

Ungapped is a Swedish digital communication platform that caters to various marketing needs, including email marketing, SMS campaigns, event management, surveys, and marketing automation. The platform is also hosted on GDPR-compliant servers. The new integration allows users to easily pull assets from Papirfly’s Digital Asset Management solution, Place, and integrate them seamlessly into their marketing campaigns in Ungapped.

The integration between Papirfly and Ungapped introduces the ability to find, select, and retrieve assets from Place directly within Ungapped. This integration web plugin bridges the gap between brand management and marketing automation, making it easier than ever to maintain brand consistency throughout marketing materials.

How the integration benefits marketing users

  • Seamless asset retrieval: Users of Ungapped can now seamlessly access assets stored in Place through Papirfly’s integration. This streamlines the workflow, ensuring that marketing materials are consistently on-brand.
  • Time efficiency: With the integration to Papirfly’s Place, marketers can save valuable time by eliminating the need to switch between platforms. This streamlined process allows them to focus on creating engaging on-brand content and campaigns.
  • Brand consistency: Maintaining brand consistency is paramount for businesses. The integration ensures that all assets used within Ungapped adhere to brand guidelines, promoting a cohesive brand identity.
  • Enhanced user experience: Users of both platforms will benefit from the convenience of this integration, resulting in a more user-friendly experience and greater productivity.

In a world where branding and marketing are more critical than ever, the Papirfly-Ungapped integration represents a significant step forward. It empowers businesses to manage their brand with precision while efficiently executing marketing campaigns. With this partnership, users can look forward to a future where brand consistency and marketing automation seamlessly coexist, ultimately driving success and growth for their organisations.